Sensitive Skin range - Now launched

Available in three of Wild's signature scents: Coconut Dreams, Bergamot Rituals and Jasmine & Mandarin Blossom. All deodorants are 100% baking soda free!

过期时间: 2021年12月31日



New Leopard Print case

New Leopard Print case - 50p donated to the Born Free Wildlife charity

过期时间: 2021年07月21日


New Scent Launched: Lemon Meringue

The scent is every inch like a homemade lemon meringue pie made with lemon curd filling and fluffy, sweet meringue topping. The scent features top notes of sweet, creamy and biscuity meringue which is cut through by the clean and fresh tang of lemon with a drop of orange blossom. This perfect balance of sweet and tart is a dreamy scent and would have to win star baker along with an esteemed handshake from the judge of deodorant scents.

过期时间: 2021年04月30日


New Pink Case!

Brand new pink case now available!

过期时间: 2021年06月30日


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