Evergreen - Playmates

The world-famous Playmate cooler, aka America’s lunchbox, makes everything more fun! Choose from the Classic, the Mini or one of Igloo’s fun Playmate collaborations. Shop now!


Evergreen - Softside

Take cool to go with Igloo’s soft cooler collection of insulated lunch bags, cooler tote bags, cooler backpacks and way more. Shop for your perfect lunch companion now!


Evergreen - Sale Section

Save big on Igloo’s high-quality coolers! Get up to 35% OFF hard coolers, soft cooler bags, drinkware and more. Shop now.


Evergreen - Hardsides

Explore Igloo’s hard cooler collection for high-quality coolers that are up for anything — from camping to fishing or just relaxing in your backyard. Shop now.


Evergreen - Free Shipping

You’ll always get FREE shipping on any Igloo order over $75. Choose from hard coolers, soft cooler bags and more. Shop now!



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